• Demand letter, with detail requirement (category and number of worker needed, salary and benefits offered, and it’s better with job description as well) received by PT. Millenium Muda Makmur. This document can be sent firstly by email to
  • PT. Millenium Muda Makmur announces the requirement and pre-screening the CV prior to sending to The Client/Employer.
  • The Client/Employer will short list the candidates for the test and interview.
  • Selection by The Client/Employer. If the recruitment can be done by interview only, we can arrange teleconference interview.
  • Medical check up : we start post selection by taking the worker to lab clinic (We can also arrange prior to interview and test). The result can be updated next day.
  • The Client provides us with the demand letter & employment contract attested by Indonesian embassy/consulate.
  • Submitting all the document (attested demand letter, employment contract) to Indonesian Labor Department/Ministry to get a recommendation.
  • Passport processing. It can be done only after a recommendation letter issued by Labor Department/Ministry. FYI, most Indonesian do not have passport. Only few kinds of worker (usually high skilled one) possessing this document.
  • Paying some insurance, fiscal for the worker.
  • The selected candidates are ready to depart to placement country.

Whenever the selection is done we need these documents for processing prior to worker departure to employment country:

  • Service agreement between your company and PT. Millenium Muda Makmur. The draft can be from your side or ours. Once all of the points agreed, it should be signed and stamped by authorized director of your company and managing director of PT. Millenium Muda Makmur. Afterward, attested by Indonesian embassy/consulate.
  • Demand letter stated that you, the employer, intend to Indonesian worker. The position, number of worker required, the salary and benefits offered, also written. This paper must be stamp and signed by you as well as attested by Indonesia embassy/consulate
  • Employment contract between your company and the selected worker. Also attested by Indonesian embassy/consulate
  • Visa
  • Especially for Saudi Arabia placement, the employer should provide E-wakala