We’re PT. Millenium Muda Makmur

Simply call us: 3M

Specialized in recruitment, mobilization Indonesian manpower to all over the world. We have deployed our worker, engineer, technician, carpenter, cook, butcher, head chef, baker, pastry cook, florist, gift wrapper, hair stylist, female beautician, male/female tailor, barista, bus driver, aircraft maintenance mechanic, male masseur/therapist, general labor, nurse, admin staff etc to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UEA, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Fiji Islands, Taiwan, Singapore and Brunei.

Having vast experience in recruiting Indonesian workers from various kind of industry: civil construction, transportation, hospitality, manufacture, healthcare, engineering construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, heavy industry etc.

Established 2009, we have survived the fierce competition of recruitment industry business. One of few manpower agencies operating legally in Indonesia.

More information about us and our service, send your email to info@milleniummudamakmur.com